How To Get A Beautiful Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Rejection sucks.

Attractive Woman At The BeachIf you’re here, it’s highly likely you’ve been shot down at least a couple of times by a beautiful girl. Rejection by beautiful people is an all too common and painful truth for many regular folks out there.

The most common reason for this is the sad fact that so many people keep following dating tricks that are immortalized in movies, television, and in locker room talk. Since every Jim, Bob, and Harry are using these tricks, beautiful women have gotten tired and bored of them.

Boring a woman is the fast track to rejection.

If you really want to know how to get a beautiful girl to be your girlfriend, then start by busting the following five myths on pursuing beautiful women.

Ready to get a beautiful girlfriend? Then read on.

Myth #1: She’s only going to notice someone who has won the genetic or actual lottery.

Many Regular Joes believe the only way they’re going to get a gorgeous woman to notice them, much less be in a relationship with them, is if they’re loaded and good-looking. That simply isn’t the case.

According to this article, lots of men who “have it all” concede that looks and riches are nothing if you don’t have the right attitude and understanding of what women find attractive.

How To Bust The Myth

Even if winning the genetic lottery isn’t important, this doesn’t mean that being a slob will attract the woman of your dreams. In fact, a Psychology Today article on physical appearance and attractiveness reports a study that found attractiveness is based on 6 simple things: grooming, clothing, posture, attitude, fitness, and masculinity or femininity.

To attract the girl of your dreams, you need to take care of your appearance, boost your confidence by being a more positive person, and genuinely like yourself without being conceited. When she sees that you take pride in yourself and in the way you look, even if you’ll never grace the cover of GQ, she’ll know immediately that you’re a happy and healthy individual she has to get to know better.

Myth #2: All you need is a slick line or move.

Do a quick Google search for “pick-up lines” and you get over two hundred million hits. If that many people are writing about pick-up lines, they must work. Right?


Gimmicky pick-up lines and moves communicate to a woman that you’re not being sincere. A beautiful woman isn’t going to waste her time on someone who isn’t genuine and who isn’t going to take her seriously. You might trick her for a while, but the game will be over sooner rather than later.

How To Bust The Myth

If you want a girl to think you’re genuinely interested in her, then you need to actually be genuinely interested in her. There’s just no cheating with this one.

If you make a great first impression you’ll look more attractive to the woman you’re trying to impress. So when you go up to her, make sure you put your best foot forward and initiate a conversation with the goal of knowing more about her as a person. Be genuinely interested in learning about her, listen to what she says, and ask questions that focus on her and move the conversation forward.

That being said, be careful about asking too many questions that might make you seem creepy or like you’re interrogating her. Psychology Today suggests that you refrain from asking women what they think of you and from asking rapid-fire intrusive questions.

When a woman asks you about yourself, be sure to tell her enough about you to keep her interested, but don’t reveal everything right off the bat. According to the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), mysteriousness is one of the 6 main character traits you should portray if you want to get a beautiful girl to be your girlfriend. Learn the other 5 and exactly how the newest version of the Girlfriend System, GFAS V2, can help you attract and keep the girl you want by reading this post: Girlfriend Activation System V2 Review – Are You Man Enough To Date A Hottie?

When the girl of your dream sees that you really want to get to know her instead of just getting in her pants, then she’ll give you the opportunity to make a real connection with her.

Myth #3: You need to pretend to be someone else.

Huffington Post reports that 53% of Americans lie on their dating profile. In a time where dating competition is fierce, this statistic is not surprising.

However, before you think about lying about yourself, know that beautiful women will see right through it. Since they’ve seen and heard everything from potential suitors, their bullshit radar is extremely sensitive. Those who manage to evade this radar often find that once they get busted, they’re very quickly friend-zoned or ignored.

How To Bust The Myth

It’s already been said, but the only thing you can do here is to just be yourself! Yes, it’s a cliche. But clichés persist only because there is some truth to them.

If you approach a woman and show her your true self, you’re bound to be a refreshing break from the throngs of fakes who tell her anything and everything they think she wants to hear just to get her back to their place. If you don’t compromise who you are, you’re more likely to create a more meaningful relationship with your dream girl. When she sees that you’re making a genuine connection and showing her your true self, she’s more likely to let her guard down and give you a chance.

Myth #4: Negging is the best type of compliment you can give a beautiful woman.

Some people think that you don’t need to tell a beautiful woman that she’s beautiful because she’s heard it numerous times. Still others think that the key to getting a beautiful woman to want you is to give her a neg or a negative statement that’s disguised as a backhanded compliment.

The concept of using this “negging” technique to get women is popular on blogs and even on TV shows. But this is really just a slap in the face waiting to happen.

How To Bust The Myth

First, don’t use a neg. Contrary to popular belief, women don’t want to be with jerks.

Second, tell her she’s beautiful but don’t focus only on her looks, and be more specific than just, “You’re so beautiful.” Every woman likes hearing that she looks beautiful, but to a beautiful girl who hears it all the time, it’s what you say and how you say it that makes the biggest impact. suggests picking out something specific that you find beautiful about her physical attributes. Be it her eyes, her smile, or the little freckle on her nose, she’ll love hearing that you’re paying attention to details about her that may seem insignificant to others.

Taking things further, compliment her on her inner beauty as well. Recognizing qualities you like about her (e.g. her compassion for animals, her intelligence, etc.) will send the message that you appreciate her inside and out.

Myth #5: You should be at her beck and call.

When you care about someone, it’s understandable that you want to keep her happy. But when it comes to dating, catering to someone’s every whim is actually the fastest way to devalue yourself as a potential partner.

How To Bust The Myth

According to Psychology Today, always remember three things: (1) make her invest in you, (2) create boundaries, (3) don’t be too available.

First, if you want to turn a beautiful girl into your girlfriend, be a nice guy and do things that make her happy, but make sure she invests in you too! If you cater to her every whim and she can get everything she needs from you without actually committing to a relationship, then she’ll have no reason to become your girlfriend. If you never give her the opportunity to invest in you and value you as an individual, then she will never fall for you romantically.

Second, create boundaries while you’re dating. Have a discussion with her and find out what things will fly and what won’t. If she crosses any of these boundaries, resist the urge to ignore it in the hopes of keeping the peace. By calling her out, you discourage her from treating you badly while encouraging her to respect you instead.

Third, let her know that you have a life outside of the two of you. Don’t be so quick to drop everything each time she calls. You need to let her know that while you value your relationship, you also value your career, your friends, and other facets of your life.

Make sure you reciprocate by encouraging her to do the same. By showing her that you value these things too, she learns that you value your personal goals and the relationships you have with your friends and family as well.

So that’s it! Bust these five myths and you’ll be well on your way to getting a beautiful girl to be your girlfriend. You just need to be a genuine human being who is confident enough to be himself so that you stand out from the crowd and make her value you enough to work for your love.