3 Things You Can Do To Get Her Thinking About You Sexually

Sexual Tension Before A KissShe’s hot, and you want her! Fair enough.

So now you need to stay clear of the friend zone and amp up the sexual tension. But how?

Getting a woman to think about you sexually is a common dating problem, but one most men don’t know how to solve. You don’t want to come on too strong all at once, and you don’t want to make yourself part of her friendly clique, either.

It’s a razor’s edge you have to walk, but it’s nothing a little practice can’t fix. If you want to get her thinking about you sexually, there are a number of different time-tested approaches you can use to turn her mind toward the bedroom.

Let’s briefly discuss the best ways for you to plant a sexual seed in her mind.

1. Be Her Confidant, Not Her Doormat

One of the best ways to turn her thoughts towards you in a sexual way is to become the person she feels most comfortable with; that one guy she opens up to and expresses things to (including her secret dirty fantasies) which she doesn’t feel capable of expressing to anyone else.

Now, here’s the trick: you have to make your intentions clear prior to becoming her confidant. Otherwise you run the risk of falling into the dreaded friend zone, being emasculated, and becoming just another one of her “girl friends”.

Make it clear that you’re interested and that she can confide in you, but make it absolutely clear you’re not interested in just another friendship. What you want is a relationship. It’s not about making her like you. It’s about making her feel sexual attraction.

Make her understand you’re interested in her as a woman, and that’s why you’re there for her. Delineate clear boundaries and don’t allow yourself to fade into the background of her clique. Otherwise, you’ll become the guy she comes crying to after she’s done sleeping with someone else.

2. Flirt With Her

Flirting may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something a lot of guys don’t do very well. Get her to think about you sexually and take your relationship to another level by using strong and flirtatious eye contact and body language, complimenting her on her appearance, and even subtly introducing sex into the conversation.

Make sure you don’t come on too strong too early. You want to inject sex into the conversation in a delicate manner. For an easy and effective way to do this, try the Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff. Let her know you’re comfortable and confident with the subject, but don’t frighten her with what may be an unwanted advance at this stage.

3. Confess Your “Sins”

This is one of the most effective ways to get her thinking about you sexually without her even realizing what’s happening. If you ask her about early sexual exploits, and start sharing some of your own, her mind will naturally turn to all of the filthy things you’re describing, and she’ll start to envision them being done to her…by you.

So ask her about her first time, and be willing to share your stories. Don’t approach it bashfully or, conversely, be too excited about it. Just tell her the story.

Include some tantalizing details, and she’ll automatically begin to picture herself in that situation, with you next to her. It’s one of the most effective and easy ways to turn your girl on.